Travel to Tel Aviv

Travel to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most popular party destinations in the Middle East, with its clubs, cafés, beaches, and lavish hotels attracting thousands of travelers from all across the globe. If you’re planning a vacation in Israel, then you must absolutely visit Tel Aviv. The city features all the essentials a party-goer needs to make their trip fulfilling and memorable for life! Here are some must-see tourist hotspots to have on your checklist when you travel to Tel Aviv.

Sun-Kissed Beaches

One of the major attractions in the city is its picturesque sandy beaches. Tel Aviv boasts of an 8-mile coastal line consisting of beaches – all offering a scenic view of the Mediterranean Sea. The enchanting ocean waves flirt with the sandy seashores to serve as a tantalizing visual delight to tourists. To further enhance your experience, the luminous sunsets by the beachside soothe your eyes with a display of warm shades. From Alma Beach in the south to Metzitzim Beach in the north, there are over a dozen uniquely themed beaches offering a broad range of services like lifeguard stations, kiosks, restaurants, bars, outdoor gyms and much more.

Vintage-Style Architecture

Not only is the ‘White City’ a buzzing party capital but it is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. Its magnificent architectural wonders can be dated back to the 1930s when German-Jewish architects who fled from Nazi persecution erected Bahaus-styled dated buildings in the central area of the town. Of the original 4000 structures, more than 1000 of them have been preserved, all thanks to the consistent efforts of the Israeli government. For the folks with an aesthetic inclination, Tel Aviv’s Vintage-Style Architecture is an absolute must-see if they travel to Israel.

Diverse Art and Music Trends

Tel Aviv is renowned for its diverse creative culture, whether it’s art galleries, live music events, or theatrical plays. On the musical front, there are live music performances featuring an array of musical styles, including classical, contemporary, opera, rock and roll, and jazz music. No matter what your taste in music, you’ll be able to find artists that perform in your preferred genre. The city also has a rich visual arts scene; not only can you find passionate street art from artists in the alleys but also masterpieces from world-renowned professionals at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. If you possess an artistic streak, then Tel Aviv might be the ideal place for you to find your muse or meet like-minded artists and brainstorm some creative ideas. ​

Party Culture and Nightlife

What’s a party capital without a vibrant nightlife scene? Tel Aviv is jam-packed with numerous types of bars, clubs, pubs, and lounges; you can select your party destination according to your unique tastes and preferences. Want to get wasted with some savory cocktails? Well, Tel Aviv has a plethora of cocktail bars with award-winning drinks. Looking to find new dates? The city’s numerous pickup bars help you hook up with other singles in the city. Tel Aviv’s nightlife experience is a diverse platter that satisfies all your hedonistic wants. Even if you’re not a party animal, it is worthwhile to experience Tel Aviv’s buzzing nightlife. You never know how a “few extra drinks” might culminate into the most memorable night of your life!

​Other Activities You Can Do To Enjoy Your Holiday In Tel Aviv

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, Tel Aviv also has a host of other activities that can make your vacation in Israel a truly magnificent experience. ​

Staying At a Luxury Spa Hotel

For the luxury-hungry, staying at a luxury spa hotel along the beach is a must-do. Not only do these hotels offer 5-star comfort but also a rejuvenating spa and a rooftop pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. ​

Gorging On Lip-smacking Street Food

If you have a thing for flavorsome street food dishes, you can find a broad range of Middle Eastern dishes like Bourekas and Hummus at Carmel Market. Many tourists who travel to Tel Aviv make sure that they try out the different varieties of Falafel, which is one of the most popular dishes in Israel.

Parading At The Gay Capital

Apart from being a party capital, Tel Aviv is also known as the “gay capital of the Middle East”. During the second week of June, people from all across Israel and the world participate in the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade. It is a week-long affair wherein you can bear the pride flag and participate in numerous gay-friendly events, including gay hotels in Tel Aviv.