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A “Perfect Day” At The Best Spa Hotel In Tel Aviv

After gorging on a sumptuous Mediterranean-style breakfast by the beach, I prepared myself for a long day at the hotel’s spa and health club. The facility offers an ideal blend of perspiration and relaxation; after smashing some heavyweights in the gym, you can relieve your aching muscles at the spa and sauna.

Being an arduous gym-junkie, I was excited by the idea of getting a pump after days of physical inactivity. I hadn’t got a chance to work out amidst all the holiday-ing I was enjoying. Despite being dog-tired from the constant traveling, I got the instinctive urge to immediately hit the gym and warm up my loosened muscles.
The workout session was both fun and intense.

While many hotel gymnasiums are incomparable to a traditional/conventional gym, this one was fully equipped and had most of the amenities you would find in a high-end fitness center. What impressed me the most is that the hotel provided its guests with a personal trainer upon request. This can be really beneficial for ‘newbies’ or people who need assistance with performing heavy lifts.
By noon, I was done with the “perspiration” aspect of my spa experience. It was now time to refuel and relax.

Enjoy The Best Spa Hotel in Tel Aviv

Recently renewed and refurbished the Carlton Tel Aviv’s Gym and Spa is a pleasure like no other. Workout in the company of David Gerstein’s artworks or check out the state of the beach on our 9 large LCD’s screening live feed directly from the waves below.

For those who relax with a vigorous work out we have a state of the art gymnasium, new and fully equipped, including a Kinetic machine and free weights.
Our intimate, modern spa offers a uniquely relaxing or if you prefer, rejuvenating experience. Enjoy one of our many spa treatments as you gaze out at the Mediterranean, or unwind in the sauna.

In between and workout we have a small healthy buffet offering snacks, herbal teas and cold drinks.
Trainers are available upon request.

The ‘Healthy Break’ Between Workout and Spa

In between workout and relaxation, the Spa and Health Club offers a healthy buffet consisting of snacks, herbal teas, and cold drinks. It serves as the ideal post-workout meal to help you ‘refuel’ your worn out muscles. The meals are filling, but at the same time, light enough that they can be eaten before your spa and sauna sessions. Being a health nut, I liked them mainly because of their low calories, but I stayed for their savory taste!

Relieving Travel Fatigue At The Best Spa In Tel Aviv

For travelers suffering from fatigue and exhaustion on their journey, unwinding at a Spa Hotel Tel Aviv can prove to be a truly rejuvenating experience. The Carlton offers a wide range of spa treatments for its guests. Along with relieving my muscle soreness, it also helped me clear my head and become centered – something that I was unable to do with my busy travel schedule.

Apart from leaving you in a state of deep relaxation, the spa also has a soothing ambiance that further enhances your mood. I’d even say that I enjoyed the ambiance more than the treatment itself. The relaxing atmosphere along with the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea helped me calm my senses and get into a zone of peace and tranquility.

The Carlton Hotel’s Spa and Sauna Center is often regarded as the Best Spa In Tel Aviv, and for good reason. While I don’t buy the old cliche “I felt reborn”, I’d definitely say that I felt a substantial improvement in my mental clarity and cognition.

Calling It A Day At Tel Aviv

After shedding layers of stress at the spa, it was time to go back to the suite that evening. As the night drew closer, I went to my balcony to click some pictures of the White City’s dazzling nightlife culture. The view from my balcony was simply awe-evoking. I could see the luminous rays of the setting sun along the beachside tease the shimmering sea waves.

On the beach sidewalks, hundreds of tourists from all ethnic backgrounds participated in various beach activities. The amalgamation of different people, cultures, and interests was seen in the city’s urban landscape.

​Tempted by the stunning visuals, I finally let go of my inhibitions and decided to indulge in some whiskey from the minibar. Slowly sipping on the alcohol, I completely immersed myself in the moment; something which I had not done in years. I’d sincerely like to thank the staff at the Carlton Tel Aviv Spa Hotel for making my experience so memorable. I’m leaving the city with loads of memories and rich experiences, and promise to return soon for some more spa indulgences!

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Carlton FAQs

Is there a gym at the hotel?

Our Gym & Relax features both a state-of-the-art gym and SPA facilies

Is the pool open all year at the hotel?

Our 15th rooftop pool is open during the summer months, which is most of the time in Tel Aviv. During the winter months when the pool is closed you can always relax on one of the loungers at the pool and enjoy the beautiful views of the Meditteranean.

Is the Carlton near a beachfront?

The Carlton Tel Aviv is a beachfront hotel.