The Best Tips for Tourists in Israel

The Best Tips for Tourists in Israel

Tips for Tourists in Israel

Israel is a very tourist-friendly country. Most Israelis speak basic-level English. Streets and roads are easy to navigate. The country is filled with tourist attractions, as well as organized tours for tourists. Despite this, visiting Israel can sometimes be complicated. That is why we gathered some valuable tourist tips. It's not a list of places to visit. Rather, it is a list of recommendations that will help tourists in Israel get the most out of their vacation.

Take Your Time

Whether you're only in Israel for a day or enjoying a long vacation in Tel Aviv hotels, trying to "see it all" is not recommended. Rather, we recommend you take your time and select a few choice spots. That way, you will have time to talk with the locals, take leisurely walks, taste street food, relax at the beach, go out on a night on the town and take it easy at the hotel when necessary. Israel is abundant with attractions. Racing from one archeological site to another, while trying to fit in as many museums as possible, will leave you breathless and frustrated. You'll feel like you've missed your chance to truly get to know Israel and its diverse blend of cultures.

Plan Ahead – But Be Spontaneous

It is very important to plan your trip in Israel. It is no less important to allow yourself to change your plans on the fly. Israel is filled with surprises, and even organized tour guides sometimes change their plans in order to provide their tourist groups with a spontaneous experience.

Visit Places – And Meet the People

Israel is fascinating, and there is no shortage of places to visit. But Israel's people are just as fascinating as its sites. When you visit tourist attractions, be sure to talk to the employees and people nearby, listen to their political views and anecdotes, and write down their personal recommendations (which won't be listed on any websites or magazines). Israel is culturally diverse, as Jews from all over the world have made it their home. If you remain engaged, initiate conversations, ask questions and listen, you will get a glimpse of Israel's true reality. You may even make friends and remain in touch with the wonderful people you've met on your trip.

Choose What Works for You

Due to Israel's abundance of attractions, it is important that you choose those that fit your individual preferences. For example, if you enjoy extreme sports you can dive, climb, surf, bike, hike and more. If you prefer relaxing, be sure to visit the Dead Sea – the ultimate relaxation spot in Israel. History buffs will enjoy the cities of Jaffa, Akko and Tiberias, among others. Those interested in religion will find many holy sites for Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths.

Organized Trips Can Be an Excellent Way to Enjoy Israel

Some people like to travel independently and plan everything themselves. If you're one of those people, we urge you not to rule out organized tours in Israel. Organized tours do not have to take up the entire duration of your trip – you can join one-day, two-day or three-day tours. For example, you can visit the Dead Sea and Masada on an organized tour. The same goes for Jerusalem. You can even take a two-day jeep excursion to the desert. ​ Tips from tourists who have visited Israel in the past can help you plan your ideal vacation. Search for tips for tourists in Israel on travel websites, travel blogs and forums. Ask questions and collect valuable information. Enjoy your journey!