Tel Aviv
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10 places you must visit in Tel Aviv

Clear, sandy shores pour white sand across pristine beaches into crystal, blue waters. Just two streets away the heartbeat of civilization beats up and down bustling streets and trendy nightlife. Wrap all of this in a cultural shell of ancient history and tradition seeping with originality and you have the city of Tel Aviv.

The second largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv has become a hub of tourist activity and a popular getaway for people around the world. The city is teeming with sights and must-see destination. Far too many to mentioned in so little space, but what follows is a highlight of popular attractions.

No.1: Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard is hailed as Tel Aviv’s most beautiful street. Lined with trendy cafés built into traditional architecture, Rothschild Boulevard is easily one of the most popular attractions in Tel Aviv.

No. 2: Old Jaffa

Historically, this is the site where the biblical Jonah boarded the ship that would eventually lead him to the belly of a whale. Now, the port houses Tel Aviv’s modern entertainment hub. Filled with souvenir shops and fun night life, Old Jaffa is a great example of history meeting modern.

No. 3: Joshua Garden

A beautiful urban park, Joshua Park acts a central hub for the city. Joshua Park’s location makes it an ideal meeting spot and get place to get away from the bustle of the city. Striking green grass and natural setting skirts the city streets, a great place for walking and photos.

No. 4: Tel Aviv Beach Scene

Several pristine beaches dot Tel Aviv’s landscape, making it a popular vacation spot in the summer months. Unique sites and fascinating wildlife do nothing but enhance the resort-esque feel of the Tel Aviv waters. Swimmers, sunbathers and sand-castle constructors alike will find a home on the beaches of Tel Aviv.

No. 5: Neve Tzedek

This historical train station will act as a beacon to any locomotive enthusiast in the world. Posh and trending diners speckle the surrounding area, giving Neve Tzedek a traditional feel. Furthermore, Neve Tzedek acts as a great place to pick up a fun train-style souvenir.

No. 6: Hayarkon Park

The smell of grilling and the laughter of children ring throughout Hayarkon Park, one of the most family friendly settings in Tel Aviv. A handsome lake sits at the center of Hayarkon Park. The lake is a popular fishing hole for families as well as a picturesque setting for a family picnic.

No. 7: Levinsky Market

For any tourist wishing to sample some truly authentic and traditional cuisine, Levinsky Market is the perfect attraction. This market boasts the sale of dried spices and fruit, pastries, cheeses and exotic meats. Levinsky Market is the perfect place for a daily walk through, stopping to sample food every step of the way.

No. 8: Ben-Gurion House

This free museum is another of Tel Aviv’s most historically rich attractions. The Ben-Gurion House is the former residence of David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister. This small museum offers tourists the chance to peek in on truly unique architecture. Even more, visitors can see a walkthrough of the life of an invaluable piece of Isreal’s history.

No. 9: Carmel Market

This open air market allows visitors to experience the true fun and adventure that outdoor markets can offer. Vendors dot the lane, displaying handcrafted desserts and souvenirs for even the most discerning customer. A great place to find exotic mementoes to send home to loved-ones. Visiting the Carmel Market is indeed a must, but if you're interested in purchasing souvenirs from your trip to israel online (or you just forgot to!), you can always use some of the websites that provide that service:

No. 10: Jaffa Flea Market

The Jaffa Flea Market is best place in Tel Aviv to find unique keepsakes and souvenirs. Positioned just off of the Old Jaffa port, the Jaffa Flea Market is an attraction never to be missed. Crafters, bakers and inventors fill the area demonstrating their handy work and offering their goods up to visitors.