Tel Aviv Nightlife 2019

Tel Aviv Nightlife 2019

Tel Aviv Nightlife 2019

​In Israel, Tel Aviv is known as “the city that never sleeps”, and the main reason for this title is it’s rich nightlife. Honestly, if nightlife is high on your priorities when choosing a destination for your next trip, then Tel Aviv would be a good choice.

Young community

Israel is a small country, the size of New Jersey, and Tel Aviv is not only the commercial capital of the holy land, but also it’s cultural capital. The reality of many Israeli’s dictates a full military service, after which young adults start their lives. And most of them choose to start their lives in Tel Aviv. This creates a situation in which most of the county’s young people are located in one place, and the result is a young vibe throughout the city and a buzzing nightlife scene.

Areas where Tel Aviv action is concentrated

There are two main areas where the action is concentrated in: around Ben Gurion blvd. and around Rothschild blvd. The area around Ben Gurion is a bit more “mainstream” and provides plenty of bars (Dizengoff street) while also being very close to the beach, where during the summer there is plenty going there as thousands of people flock the boardwalk which stretches through all of Tel Aviv’s glorious beaches.

Hypster Tel Aviv vibes

Rothschild blvd offers a more “hypster” kind of vibe, with excellent clubs for fans of all kinds of music: Electronic, Techno, Mainstream pop and hip hop. There are special nights every Thursday and Friday for fans of more specific genres, like 80’s and 90’s fans. Backstreet’s back alright!

Culinary capital of Israel

On top of all that, as you might have guessed, Tel Aviv is also the culinary capital of Israel, so in case you are hungry after a night out, no worries. It’s worth to note that Israel boasts a supreme experience for foodies, by fusing many influences. Just as Israel was founded on immigrants coming in from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, so does it’s rich culinary tapestry, like the delicious authentic Yemeni food in the “Yemeni vinyard” on the south side of the city or trendy far east and mediteranean fusions that will make your taste buds come to life.
Tel Aviv truly has a plethora of nightlife options for everyone. And just as important, the crowd and vibes to make every night an adventure in the “city that never sleeps”.