What are the best restaurants in Tel Aviv?

What are the best restaurants in Tel Aviv?

Read about the top restaurants in Tel Aviv - The city that never sleeps

offers a mouthwatering selection of top class eateries

When the city of Tel Aviv springs to mind it immediately conjures up images of lapping waves on golden beaches under cloudless blue skies. But did you know that Tel Aviv is also a leading center of cuisine and has a multitude of top class and Michelin starred restaurants? In Tel Aviv, you can find anything and everything from seafood to steak, from Italian to French and from traditional Jewish food to bistro meals.
In the Carlton Hotel alone, two excellent restaurants offer a wide range of food to suit every palate. Run by renowned Chef Meir Adoni, Lumina combines a fresh bistro feel with innovative Jewish food. An open kitchen allows guests to see the chefs in action while floor to ceiling windows bring you closer to the sea. Blue Sky, the Carlton’s elegant rooftop restaurant, also presided over by Chief Adoni presents a rich vegetarian and fish menu, and guests have the option of dining on the balcony to take in the spectacular Tel Aviv skyline and sea view.

Eating day and night

There’s no one perfect time to visit Tel Aviv [l1] – throughout the year you will find what you’re looking for. Tel Aviv is the city that never sleeps, and the kitchens are open day and night allowing discerning diners to find the perfect meal to suit any palette.  There are two restaurants worthy of a mention here. Both run by renowned chefs, they offer a grand fusion of a variety of flavors. Considered one of Tel Aviv’s most influential chefs, Omer Miller is also one of the youngest. The proprietor of Shulchan in trendy Rothschild Boulevard, Miller offers a modern menu with the best of Israel and Europe. Haim Cohen, one of the city’s most established chefs is also a judge on the popular television show, Master Chef. His restaurant Yaffo-Tel Aviv, rated one of the top ten in the city, has been described as “a quintessential combination of everything Tel Aviv and Jaffa — with hints of Jerusalem and lots of Europe.”