Tel Aviv White Night

Tel Aviv White Night

Tel Aviv White Night 2019

​Tel Aviv has many names; The 1st Hebrew city, The city that never sleeps, the White city...and while all are true, it’s the latter that gets extra meaning during the famous festivities of the “White Night”, or as it’s called in Hebrew “Layla Lavan”.

Time to celebrating till morning

Every year around the months of May and June, Tel Aviv celebrates this event and people stay up all night, businesses work just like daytime, including city services and stores that will stay open till 6 AM. Everything is up and running. But that’s not all, the city organizes fun and interesting activities throughout it’s venues and public areas. The parks, beaches, restaurants, bars, museums, theatres and every commercial, cultural and culinary outlet takes part in this weekend.

White Night lineup 16-18 of May 2019

A special musical event celebrating 110 years of Tel Aviv, Flea market open all night, A greek Tavern in old Jaffa port, Israeli Rock’n’roll at the old station compound with some of the most popular rock bands in the country performing, A branded lifeguard hut on the beach, a nightlife tour of the city and much much more. It’s worth to note that as this year’s events are in light of the Eurovision contest, there will also be exhibitions highlighting this event and its rich history.
The Tel Aviv Eat Food Festival  at Charles Clore Park has become an annual favorite in Tel Aviv, bringing together food trucks from some of Tel Aviv’s best chefs. The prices of all the dishes are up to 35 NIS only and the entrance is free.

White Night - Music Night

Malabi Tropical is a band that mixes Tropical and eastern-European music, Balkan melodies and Latin rhythms. The band utilizes an unusual array of instruments – Accordion, Charango, Guitar, Bouzouki, Conga, Timbales and Saxophone, and a booty-shaking irresistible groove.
Weather you are an art fan, history buff, foodie or just an explorer, your passions will be met during these wonderful days, when the city opens itself up towards another hot summer on the mediteranean beaches. Finally, before you book your trip to Tel Aviv, take into consideration that you should stay in a place that offers you the best this city has to offer. Although Tel Aviv is filled with hotels, we found that the Carlton had the best possible location. It’s on the beach, and right by the best part of the entire beach strip. In the city center, and with wonderful accommodation.