The Leading Attractions in Tel Aviv

The Leading Attractions in Tel Aviv

Leading Attractions in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is considered Israel's cultural capital. The city's slogan is "the city that never sleeps". It is home to one of the oldest ports in the world (located in Jaffa), a bustling culinary scene, art galleries, parks, museums, unique architecture, stunning beaches and many additional attractions for couples, adults and children. With so many attractions, it's hard to choose the cream of the crop. Nevertheless, we rose to the challenge and composed a list of the places you simply cannot afford to miss during your visit to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Museums

Tel Aviv is home to over twenty museums, including the Eretz Israel Museum, Bialik House, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Palmach Museum, The IDF History Museum, Ben Gurion House and more. Beit Hatfutsot is ideal for visitors of all ages, and its fascinating exhibitions depict Jewish life all over the world. The Nahum Gutman Museum of Art is a one-of-a-kind art museum that showcases the portfolio of a unique artist, alongside other leading Israeli artist exhibitions. The museum is located in an historic building erected in 1887 in picturesque Neve Tzedek. The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History places high on our list. It caters to children but adults will enjoy it, as well. The Yitzhak Rabin Center allows visitors to become acquainted with the life and influence of Yitzhak Rabin, who was tragically assassinated while serving as Israel's Prime Minister.

Markets in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to many diverse markets that showcase just about everything, from food and clothing to art and antiques.  Tel Aviv's best-known market is probably Carmel Market. Some say it is a reflection of Israeli society. It has everything: food stands, handmade goods, food products, spices, clothing and footwear, home appliances, flowers and more. Another famous market is Jaffa's Flea Market. It's just so much fun to wander through this market and look for awesome second-hand stuff. The Nahalat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Fair is yet another great place to purchase special handmade gifts. This pedestrian mall is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from the morning to the late afternoon. Tel Aviv Port, the Boardwalk and the Beach. A major part of Tel Aviv's splendor comes from its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The city is filled with amazing seaside locations for people of all ages. We recommend visiting the Old Port in Jaffa, strolling along the Boardwalk and taking a dip in Tel Aviv's Mediterranean waters.

Tel Aviv Shows, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs

Tel Aviv is a haven for theatre, dance and live music. Habima Theatre is Israel's national theatre, and runs original theatre productions alongside plays from all over the world. The Cameri Theatre is also very high-class. Cabaret theatre lovers should check out the popular Zappa Club. Couples looking for a Tel Aviv party should visit one of the city's popular nightclubs, where they'll be able to dance to the break of dawn. Adults visiting the city can enjoy a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and bars. From intimate neighborhood establishments to huge spots with live music – there's something for everyone. Tel Aviv never rests, and new attractions open on a regular basis. In order not to miss out, we recommend conducting some research before you arrive. You can get updates via the internet, or seek recommendations from people living in Tel Aviv. Let the fun begin!