Tel Aviv - The City That Never Sleeps

Tel Aviv - The City That Never Sleeps

Tel Aviv is known for its glorious beaches, fantastic parties, and delicious food, but most importantly, it’s the go-to spot for us night owls. For those who naturally come alive at night, few cities are available to satisfy the up-all-night lifestyle. While other people are snoozin’, you’re out boozin’ – what could be more fun?

So let’s set the scene:

You have just arrived in Tel Aviv at 8 pm, you slept the entire flight and are feelin’ fresh, ready to take on a new city.   

You catch a cab to your hotel, check in at the front desk, drop your bags, and for a moment consider going straight to bed. You wonder if you should sleep to avoid jet lag. You consider the option and then look out of the hotel window and see the city lights. You then imagine yourself wasting hours of your precious time just staring at the hotel’s ceiling. 

But you know better. It’s already 10 pm so you throw on some fresh clothes and hit the streets.

Eager to see what the city has to offer, you head straight to Rothschild Boulevard. Packed with humans literally everywhere, you see friends laughing as they wander into a trendy-looking bar, couples sharing a meal at a nearby restaurant, and a hipster playing the guitar with his fabulous dog by his side.

Looks like a great time; let’s join in on the late-night fun.

You make your way into one of the bars, sit down and catch the bartender’s attention. He pours you a beer and you hit it off with the person sitting next to you. After the second round, the bartender offers you both free chasers (what Israelis call shots) and you take it down like a champ. The clock has just struck 12 and your new friend invites you to a party on Dizengoff, so naturally, you say yes and order a cab to head to your next destination. 

You find yourself standing in front of a white Bauhaus-style building. You make your way up to the third floor where the party is bumpin’ and are handed a beer. You take a moment on the balcony, sip your beer and look up at the stars, wondering how you managed to get invited to a TLV house party on your first night in this glorious city. But little did you know, the night has only just begun. 

The clock now reads 2 am and your new crew is heading to a rooftop bar on Allenby. 

Obviously, you want to join the party. 

You enter a strange-looking building with closed storefronts and head into the elevator. You reach the top floor and… what an epic view of the city. One of your new friends hands you a beer and you beam with excitement. The music is precisely your vibe and you couldn’t be happier. 

At 3 am you’re still rallying and the group wants to go to a club so you head out. You arrive at the club and there’s a huge line but your new friends have an in. So you skip the line and head into a darkly lit stairway. The club is packed and the speakers are blasting techno jazz and you are ready to leave it all out on the dance floor. 

Your stomach grumbles. You check your watch and see it’s 5 am. All of the partying made you  hungry… you wonder where you can eat at this hour. You mention your desire to eat to your new friend and they say they know the perfect spot. You head to the 24-hour breakfast spot on Rothschild where you start your late-night adventure. You order Oreo pancakes that literally melt in your mouth. 

It’s now 6 am and you’re ready for a quick cat nap so that you can spend the day sightseeing. You walk to your hotel, swipe the key card, and lay down in your comfy hotel bed. 

“What an awesome night out” you think to yourself.

And to think, you almost stayed in…

Gotta love Tel Aviv.