Tel Aviv Shopping

Tel Aviv Shopping

So you're visiting Tel Aviv, staying in one of the city's beach hotels, you'll probably want to do some Tel Aviv shopping while you're here. The shopping scene in Tel Aviv is growing by the minute. There are luxurious malls, streets packed with shops, unique products, boutiques, stores belonging to amazing designers, and other shopping hot spots catering to every kind of taste. There are many hotels in Tel Aviv. Some, the five stars Carlton among them, even have tourist oriented shops located right within them, usually at the lobby or adjacent to lounging areas. Though buying gifts and souvenirs at the hotel is convenient and many times you can find exactly what you're looking for, it is a pity not to allow yourself a more diverse shopping experience. We've gathered for you a list of malls and other venues where you can find anything from designer clothes to art, jewelry, toys and gadgets.

Large Malls

The largest of Tel Aviv's shopping malls is the Azriely Mall in the center of the city. You will need transportation to get there from most hotels in Tel Aviv, call for a cab before you leave your room and one will be waiting for you as you step out of the lobby. Azriely mall has three floors of shops, some thirty restaurants and several cinemas. Since the mall is situated at the bottom of a 50 floor sky scraper visit the viewing platform on the 49'Th floor, try to find your hotel Tel Aviv from above and get the feel of where you are staying in respect to the entire city. The newest mall in Tel Aviv is called the TLV Fashion Mall. Here you'll find branches of leading international clothing chains such as H&M, Mango, Furla, Zara, Factory 54 and others. Since most of these are considered luxury shops be ready to spend accordingly. Your shopping experience here will be complimented by cool events such as food markets, concerts and even parties (mostly in the evenings). Dizingoff Center is Tel Aviv's most veteran mall. Much like veteran hotels Tel Aviv Israel, it too has modernized and easily holds its ground even when compared to the newest of the city's shopping venues. Another large mall worth mentioning is the Ramat Aviv mall at the north part of the city, again some ways off from the strip of Tel Aviv beach hotels.

Open Shopping Centers and Best Streets for Shopping

Israel has many days of fine whether, visiting open shopping centers on fair whether days is well worthwhile as is strolling along main streets packed with stores. Two of the city's best open shopping centers are Gan Hair, with its lovely central fountain, and Sarona which is actually a unique, urban, shopping village with quality stores (mostly clothes and jewelry), art galleries, a food market and restaurants. Employees at any Tel Aviv hotel will gladly give you directions and recommendations. Shienkin Street is right opposite Shuk HaCarmel so you can visit both venues in a single shopping excursion. This white city street is packed with boutiques, restaurants and cafes. There are international brands such as Diesel, Mellisa and Billabong, as well as stores belonging to Israeli designers of clothes and jewelry. Disengoff Street, considered to be Tel Aviv Main Street, is also dotted with shops especially at the part which spans from the old port to King George Street.

Shops in Lovely Neighborhoods, a Craft Market and Kikar HaMedina

Kikar HaMedina offers a palazzo style shopping experience of high end boutiques. Neve Tzedek is a picturesque neighborhood with many boutiques, bars and restaurants. Twice a week, on Tuesdays (10:00 - 17:00) and Fridays (10:00 - 16:30), there is a crafts market on Nahalat Benyamin street where everything artisan is sold. When choosing between hotels in Tel Aviv take into account the type of visit you're aiming for. Tel Aviv beach hotels, the five stars Carlton being one of the most luxurious ones, allow easy access to the beach front, the promenade, as well as many of Tel Aviv's shopping hot spots.