Successful Night-Out In TLV Essentials

Successful Night-Out In TLV Essentials

Being a city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is the perfect destination for party animals and nocturnal creatures looking to have a blast! There are several hip bars, restaurants, pubs, and 5 Star Hotels in Tel Aviv. If you are planning a successful night-out near the famed The White City, then make sure that you tick all boxes from our “TLV Night-out Checklist”.

From the adrenaline-pumping music to the award-winning cocktail drinks, here’s a list of all the essentials that you need to have on your checklist while on your vacation in Israel:

Beach-Strolling After 12 AM

After midnight, the picturesque beaches at Tel Aviv take on a radiant glow. The sparkling nightlife of the city serves as a visual delight to all beach-goers. The experience is even more surreal if you have your significant other along with you. Let the affectionate hand-holding and tender kisses complement your romantic stroll along the water’s edge. Bonus tip: Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel guests, have the view of our luxurious beachfront balconies.

The most popular beaches in Tel Aviv are Gordon Beach and Alma Beach. Both of them offer an amazing nighttime view of the city. The Jaffa Promenade, which runs from Jaffa to North Tel Aviv, is another safe beach avenue that is ideal for nighttime strolling.

Listen To Some Electric Live Music

Tel Aviv is a musical city, with all the bars, cafes, restaurants, and pubs having live music events almost every night. The music is usually played by famous Israeli bands/performers who put a cultural spin on their electric tracks. Depending on your taste, you can watch performances from bands who specialize in different music styles, including rock, metal, pop, or jazz.

Some popular places to listen to live music in are Levontin 7, Ozen Bar, Abraham Hostel, and Rothschild 12. Levontin 7, Ozen Bar, and Rothschild 12 are rich in musical diversity, having local performers from rock to funk, hip-hop, and even Asian fusion.

Take A Sip At The Cocktail Bars

Being the party capital of Israel, TLV is renowned for its flavorful booze. Tel Aviv has a plethora of cocktail bars that offer you a rich concoction of experiences. From Regular Mojitos to eccentrics like the “Coffee Cocktail”, you can pamper your taste buds with a diverse selection of drinks.

Some of the most popular cocktail bars in Tel Aviv are Imperial Craft Cocktail Bars, 223, Butler, and The Library Bar. The Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar was crowned Drinks International Magazine’s “Best Bar in Africa and the Middle East”, and bars like 223 and Butler are also known for their award-winning cocktails. If you’re a bookworm, then the Library Bar will be the ideal choice for you. It allows you to read books while you sip on their delectable cocktails.

Spice Things Up At A Pickup Bar

Single and ready to mingle? Well, Tel Aviv’s pickup bars are the perfect spot for you to hookup with strangers. Whether it’s conversation-starting cocktails or some cozy makeout spots, these bars have everything you need to spark chemistry with strangers.

The most famous bars for pickup in Tel Aviv are Suramare, Kuli Alma, and Radio EPGB. Suramare is a swanky rooftop bar that offers a stunning view of White City, all thanks to its glass ceilings and translucent windows. It gives you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of potential dates who are enjoying the romantically-lit ambiance. If you’re a music lover, then bars like Kuli Alma and Radio EPGB would be ideal for you. They’re well-known for their DJ Nights, live music, and culturally-themed events, which help you connect with fellow music-buffs and hipsters.

Unleash The Party Animal Within You!

How can you not party while staying in a party capital? Tel Aviv’s vibrant nightlife helps you unleash the party animal within! The city features numerous bars and clubs that cover a variety of themes and preferences.

Some popular clubs include Alphabet, Sputnik, and The Breakfast Club. While clubs like Alphabet and Sputnik offer a great nighttime atmosphere with strong drinks and dark dancefloors, The Breakfast Club allows you to party until early morning hours! Apart from these, there are clubs like Haoman, which give you full permission to go wild! Being one of the rawest party clubs in the Middle East, the club allows people to behave in ways that are otherwise socially unacceptable.