Holy Land Vacation

Holy Land Vacation

Israel is not only a land of rich cultural heritage but it’s also the birthplace of religions like Judaism and Christianity. Every year, thousands of people travel to Israel to immerse themselves in the beauty and grandeur of places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem. If you, too, are planning a Holy Land vacation in Israel, then a qualified guide can enlighten you on all the essentials that you need to plan a successful tour. By fulfilling this checklist, you can rest assured that your trip will be a truly memorable experience.

Places To Visit During Your Holy Land Vacations


Renowned for its scenic beauty and lush landscapes, Galilee is characterized by its expansive agricultural land, rural villages, and magnificent natural landforms. In Biblical accounts, Jesus is said to have walked on water on the Sea of Galilee and preached the sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes, which is almost 14 km from the sea. On the western shore of the sea lies the town of Tiberias, where the famous St. Peter’s Church is located. The catholic church is renowned for its brilliant art, which depicts the 4 Gospels.


Nazareth is another city in Israel that has been mentioned numerous times in Biblical accounts. In the new testament, Nazareth is described as the childhood home of Jesus. The city is home to the underground Synagogue Church, where Jesus is said to have studied and prayed, and famous St. Joseph’s Church, which is known as the site for Joseph’s carpentry workshop.


Known as the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem is the most famous Christian pilgrimage destination in the world. The heart of the town contains the Church of Nativity, which contains an underground cave where Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus.


Jerusalem is regarded as a holy city not only in Christianity but also Islam and Judaism. According to the Gospels, Jesus preached and healed in Jerusalem’s Temple Courts. There are also Biblical accounts of the ‘Last Supper’ happening in an Upper Room in Israel, and his crucifixion taking place at Calvary, which was a site that was just outside Jerusalem’s walls.

Mount Nebo

Located at an elevation of 2330 ft above sea level, Mount Nebo is known as the place where Moses was granted a view of the “Promised Land”. The site offers a panoramic view of the land, along with views of sites like Jerusalem and River Jordan. It is situated 10 km northwest to the ancient town of Madaba.

Why You Should Stay In Tel Aviv On Your Holy Land Vacations

Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant holiday destinations in the Middle East, featuring an array of different clubs, bars, beaches, hotels, and so on. Being the party capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is buzzing with events like live music performances, beach activities, bike rides, and even gay parades. Owing to its hip culture and tourist attractions, people prefer to stay in Tel Aviv while on Holy Land Vacations. Known throughout the world for its famous ‘White City’, Tel Aviv is also renowned for its modern dining and café culture. The city features a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, resto-bars, and street-food outlets for all the foodies. For the shopaholics, there are numerous flea markets and thrift stores in Tel Aviv, in case you want to seize some fabulous deals within a tight budget! No matter what your inclinations are, Tel Aviv has something to offer to all kinds of travelers.

Book A Tel Aviv Family Hotel For Your Holy Land Vacations

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