Finding The Best Place To Stay In Tel Aviv

Finding The Best Place To Stay In Tel Aviv

Being a city rooted in the history of billions of people, filled with hundreds of different cultures, bursting with energy, sprouting with new faces and ideas, beautifully located on the mediterranean sea, it is no wonder Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most desired vacation destinations. Visiting Tel Aviv is a no-brainer as it has something for everyone, whether that is food, activities, shopping, or most famously nightlife and sightseeing! So the real question is how to plan your trip to get the absolute most out of your vacation, and that starts with where you stay!

Things To Do In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has many activities and things to do, so when booking a hotel it is important to figure out what is nearby so you can check everything off your list! As one of the top ten beach destinations in the world, staying on the beach is a must! Not only does it allow easy access to all of the city’s oceanic affairs, but it also provides an easy way to get around- the boardwalk! The boardwalk extends all the way down into the can’t miss the city of Jaffa and is a very safe and scenic route. 

Top Of The Line Restaurants

With amazing restaurants specializing in vegan, kosher, vegetarian, Mediterranean, cafe, and more, figuring out which hotel has the widest arrangement of top-of-the-line restaurants close by is a must! While there are amazing restaurants scattered all around the city, a traveler’s top-secret is that the area with the greatest and most diverse restaurants is on the central section of the beach. Some first picks are Fortuna Del Mar, Taizu, CafeXoho, Cafe de Paris, and Otello Gelato for a sweet treat!

Tel Aviv’s World-Renowned Nightlife

The beach once again takes the cake for the best nightlife in Tel Aviv. For a wild night out at the club, Shalvata, Port, and Lighthouse await you. If a bar is more your style you can find yourself having the night of a lifetime at Minzar, Alma Beach, or even LaMer if a relaxing hookah bar suits your fancy.


Compared to many other cities around the world and especially in America, Tel Aviv’s crime rate is exceedingly low, however needless to say it is always important to make sure the area you stay in is as safe as possible. These areas would be any of the more popular areas throughout the city such as Neve Tzedek, Rothschild, Florentine, or anywhere along the boardwalk. 

COVID 19 Protocol

Unfortunately with the global pandemic still going on, COVID protocols are often at the forefront of a traveler’s mind. Luckily, Israel’s COVID rate is beginning to decrease as third vaccinations and green passes are becoming more and more apparent. With that said, the best-rated hotels in Tel Aviv tend to be extremely clean and covid safe. The Carlton in particular is known for its work with the Israeli Ministry of Health and determination to keep guests safe and COVID-free.

Prioritizing Your Business

Finding the right hotel for all business endeavors is important. When it comes to business, the key is to find a hotel that cares about your success just as much as you do. You can find this to be the case at any of Tel Aviv’s Luxe hotels which almost all have designated business and meeting areas. 


Getting a great hotel for a good price is a high priority. Hotels in Tel Aviv can vary heavily in price from extremely cheap (but typically not ideal), to in some cases out of the price range. The key is to find the best hotel for a reasonable price. The Carlton Tel Aviv once again is a good example of this. With top-of-the-line amenities and rooms, and a staff that truly cares about your stay and safety, rooms starting from $300 dollars a night is a deal that you can’t pass up.

The Carlton – Your Best Choice

Let The Carlton maximize your stay in Tel Aviv with its beautiful beachfront location, amazing restaurants both nearby and in-house, fantastic night scene, top-of-the-line safety and amenities, and highly prioritized business accommodations. For whatever the purpose of your stay may be, there is no better place to see it through than The Carlton Hotel. 

Ensuring A Great Stay

In order to find the perfect hotel anywhere, it is necessary to look at all of the priorities you have for your trip. That being said, in such a diverse city as Tel Aviv where there is so much to do, see, taste, and feel, choosing a place nearest to your itinerary that exceeds expectations is of the utmost importance! That is why The Carlton is proud to provide you with a stay like none other in the most sought-after location in all of Tel Aviv!