7 things you should consider when planning Accommodation

7 things you should consider when planning Accommodation

1. Location 

Perhaps the most important thing to check when planning your accommodation is its location. You probably know the general location you want to visit, but you’ll want to be mindful of your hotel’s distance from specific sites, restaurants, beaches, etc. If a hotel is far away from most of the things you want to do, you have to consider transportation which can be time-consuming and costly - so, that accommodation might not be the best option for you.

2. Rooms

You’ll want to pay attention to the type and quality of rooms and accommodation offers. Size, closet space, in-room amenities, bathrooms and beds are some specifics you should look into. An establishment usually has photos of the rooms on its website to help you decide whether or not it will be suitable for you.

3. Services

The services a hotel offers to guests can be a decisive factor in choosing a hotel. For example, some hotels have amenities such as pools, spas, restaurants, gyms, and events/activities. These services are important to look into, especially if the location, rooms, and pricing of several hotels are similar and you are looking for details to differentiate between them.

4. Price

Considering the price of an accommodation is not as exciting as some of the other factors, but it is necessary. If you have an overall budget for your trip, consider how much of that budget you want to spend on your accommodations as opposed to other expenses like flights, food, outings, etc. If you are searching for an accommodation online, there is usually a way to narrow down your search to a specific price range. This will help make it easier to filter out places that don’t fit your budget.

5. Reviews and Rating

An important thing to consider when looking at a hotel is its reputation. You can look at both customer reviews and the hotel’s star rating. Find out specifically what customers liked and did not like about the establishment because what’s important to the reviewer might not be as important to you, and vice versa.

6. Safety

In order to feel secure during your stay, you should choose an accommodation that has good security and safety measures. Check to see if a hotel has a way to regulate who enters the lobby, and a good system for locking the rooms. Also, consider the safety measures in place for unexpected disasters such as fires. Just like you would know what to do in this type of emergency in your own home, it is important to be well-prepared on your vacation as well.

7. Pet rules

If you are planning on taking your pet on vacation with you, the first thing you’ll want to check about an establishment is whether they allow pets. Many places won’t allow you to bring your pet with you, so you can rule those out right away. If a hotel is pet-friendly, look into whether they have facilities specific to pets. For example, some hotels will care for your pet when you’re out of the hotel.

Planning An Accommodation in Tel Aviv

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