Jaffa Port and Tel Aviv Port – History as Modern Culture

Jaffa Port and Tel Aviv Port – History as Modern Culture

Tel Aviv Port - A Northern Gem with a Salty Sea Breeze

The Tel Aviv Port is a distinct feature of Tel Aviv, the Mediterranean city that draws visitors from throughout the country and the world. The last boat moored in the port in 1965, and after its renovation several years ago the port is now a leisure, recreation and cultural attraction. The old port now boasts a modern and dynamic atmosphere with countless restaurants and cafés, fashionable stores and boutique hotels. Industrial hangars were transformed into venues for musical and artistic performances, and along the paths between the buildings you can find green lawns, playgrounds for children and sports facilities for those who want to exercise while enjoying the intoxicating ocean view. The variety of restaurants at the Tel Aviv Port offer a wide range of culinary styles, with restaurants such as Sukka Levana (White Pergula), Aroma, Max Brenner and Agadir.

The port is also lively site of trendy entertainment venues such as the well-known Shalvata bar, the TLV Club, Reading 3 and the veteran Shablul jazz club. The port bustles with activity throughout the week, especially on weekends when families come from all parts of the country to enjoy the wide-ranging attractions along the seacoast. On warm summer days you can enjoy a variety of performances open to the general public in the port’s public venues, and dance to the sounds of Israeli and international music. On weekends the port also hosts the known East and West Fair that offers a cultural meeting of tastes and spectacular sights.


Jaffa Port – Ancient Times Come to Life

The ancient Jaffa Port harbors remnants of ancient history, joining other central and intriguing sites along the Mediterranean Sea. In its past the port served as an entry and exit point, the western gateway through which merchants, fishermen, immigrants, sailors and seafarers entered the Land of Israel. With its impressive historical buildings and unique surrounding landscape, the port developed its current charming character. Owing to the Tel Aviv Municipality’s extensive investment the Jaffa Port is now one of the most toured and activity-filled areas in the city. When entering Jaffa you are magnetically drawn to the waterfront with its ancient stones and ocean breeze tinged with salt spray.

Jaffa Port abounds with leisure opportunities, including wonderful restaurants that serve the best fish and seafood, fresh salads and quality wines. The wonderful music accompanying the Mediterranean atmosphere resembles the spirit of a lively tavern, offering its visitors a wonderful port experience. The myriad cultural events include beautiful art exhibitions, musical performances of the best local artists and the sale of craft items abounding with sound and color. Alongside the rich culinary offering and countless performances, the port caters to those seeking a romantic experience, while offering attractions for the entire family, all imbued with a lively atmosphere.

White City Tel Aviv

You are invited to visit the Jaffa Port and the Tel Aviv Port overlooking the tides, the ebb and flow of the sea, as you savor these colourful and vibrant venues.
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