Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv Vacation

Thinking of a great travel adventure in the Middle East? What could be more special than visiting the Holy Land?

Israel’s most resourceful attractions are spread all over the country, with some of the most interesting culturally, in the Tel Aviv district. Travel Tel Aviv -- as much as you can, we say, it’s by far the most exciting and dynamic city in Israel.


Travel Tel aviv - tips and attractions:

  • Free Wifi in Tel Aviv
  • A big variety of restaurants
  • Fashionable and intimate bars
  • Every day there is a new show, exhibition or a presentation regarding something interesting happening in Tel Aviv, whether it’s political, environmental or artistic, Tel Aviv is the place to be.
  • Free Wifi in throughout the city
  • the best and most interesting music clubs, such as the Dome, HaOman, Barzilai and many more, playing all the best music in the world present by celebrity DJs
  • amazing beach, the most popular area for citizens and tourists.

Carlton Hotel – the best choice in Tel Aviv

After reading all this – and knowing Carlton Tel Aviv hotel is located on the beach right in the heart of the City, can you think of another hotel to pick for your vacation?
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