Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv weather

Tel Aviv has a Mediterranean climate, dry summers and rainy winters and cold spring. During the summer, the temperature in Israel is usually 27C to 32C wherein the place becomes humid and hot. The summer season falls in the month of June and early September. Israeli also experience the spring that falls during the latter period of March and May and autumn that strikes late September to November. The winter, which happens in December and early March, sometimes fluctuate. There are instances that the winter is sunny and mild and times that it is overcast and severe.



month max temp °C min temp°C Monthly Rain Days sunset
January 17 9 10 17:13-16:47
February 18 10 8 17:38-17:14
March 19 11 6 19:00-17:39
April 23 14 2 19:21-19:01
May 25 16 1 19:42-19:22
June 27 20 0 19:51-19:42
July 30 22 0 19:39-19:51
August 30 22 0 19:06-19:38
September 29 21 1 17:27-19:05
October 27 18 2 16:52-17:26
November 23 14 6 16:36-16:51
December 19 11 9 16:47-16:36


The weather condition and climate in Israel will make you decide what things to pack and to bring with you during your tour. If you are planning to visit Israel in the month of April to October where summer is expected, you can bring loose fitting clothes, sleeveless shirts, sandals, sneakers and comfortable shoes, shorts, pajamas, towels, bathing suits, hat, lightweight jacket, undergarments and more. If your trip is scheduled on the winter, make sure to bring pants or jeans, sweater, rain jackets, gloves and hats, undergarments and umbrellas. The winter season in Israel is said to be mild as compared to North America and other countries.