Tel Aviv
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public buses in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv may seem like a big city, but it is remarkable easy to get around. Most people use public buses to get around Tel Aviv. According to the Israel Ministry of Tourism, there are several bus companies available.

Take a look at their information below:

  1. The Egged Bus Company travels throughout most of the inner city area and provides local service in most big cities and towns.  
    Aa list of covered routes and their respective fares:
    Buses codes
    Phone number is *2800 or 972-3-694-8888 if calling internationally.
    official site: Egged
  2. The Dan Bus Company provides service in Tel Aviv and surrounding communities, along with Yehuda and Shomron.
    Tickets can be purchased by cash from the driver.
    Phone number is 00-972-6-639-4444.
    official site: Dan
  3. Sherut Taxis - minibuses that run about the same route as nr. 5 and 4 buses. They run on Shabbat too (unlike the buses)

Useful information:

  • New Central Bus Station is located in southe Tel aviv (short walk distance from the HaHaganah train station)
  • most of the bus services start at 5:00 AM
  • Single tickets within the city cost 6.60NIS
  • the route of bus number 5 is the most popular: from the new central station,  through Rotschild Boulevards, Dizengof Street, Nordau Boulevard, Pinkas/Yehuda Maccabi Street and Weizman Street or Namir Road