Tel Aviv
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Tel Aviv beaches

Tel Aviv is very famous for its beaches. It is one of the most popular places around the globe, and houses beautiful promenade and alluring Mediterranean seashore.

In fact, it is one of the most visited spots in Israel where thousands of tourists go every year to enjoy the beach’s Rio- or Miami style sense of openness and ease. Along with the famous beaches found in Tel Aviv are great looking hotels that can accommodate tourists and an active night life.

Israel’s beach – the most beautiful in the Middle East

Tel Aviv beach

It is great to enjoy Tel Aviv’s beaches, most especially during the summer season due to the unique characteristics and captivating seashore. At these beaches, you can enjoy soaking up the Mediterranean rays, Israeli beach tennis, kite surfing, and much more. 


Most popular Tel Aviv beaches

Here are some of the most popular Tel Aviv beaches that you can enjoy during your travels in Israel:


  • Gordon Beach - This beach in Tel Aviv is popular for being the center of the beach attraction in the area. This is where most Israelis go to play Matkot, also known as beach paddles. Gordon Beach is also famous for beach volleyball, where both pro and novice players can go to show their skills.
  • Frishman Beach - Famous for its narrow beach strip, this place is known for having a tanning experience similar to tanning in the middle of Tel Aviv.
  • Mezizim Beach - Mezizim Beach is named after the famous movie Mezizim, starring Arik Einstein. It is located north of Tel Aviv and one of the few beaches that can be accessed by foot. This beach has become famous for its difficulty for tourist to find accommodation slots. Over the years, the beach has where most of the bachelors in the city go to catch some sun until the weekend, when it’s crowded by families looking to have some fun.
  • Jerusalem Beach - This beach in Tel Aviv was given its name by the former mayor, Shlomo Lahat. The naming of the beach symbolizes the 20 years of unity for the city. It has a wide beach strip and is often populated by Israelis.
  • Aviv Beach - Also known as Dolphinarium Beach and Drummer’s Beach, Aviv Beach boasts its active activities. It is often crowded with tourists and groups of drummers every Friday, making it very lively before weekend hits.

Beach Guidelines

Tel Aviv Beaches are all safe and clean. Tourists are given the right amount of security during their stay as there are lifeguards patrolling the beach every now and then. When conditions become rough, there are proper warnings given to swimmers:.

  • when a black flag is raised, it is forbidden for anyone to enter the water.
  • A red flag means that it is risky to swim and no one should swim by themselves.
  • Only while the flag is white does it mean that the beach is safe.

Tel Aviv beaches are also provided with proper maintenance; most of them have enough shower rooms and comfort rooms for all.

lodging in Tel Aviv

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