Tel Aviv
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Tel aviv guide

Tel Aviv Jaffa Hotels

In Tel Aviv, the city that does not go to sleep, there is a big selection of hotels from Jaffa in the south to Tel Aviv harbor in the north. The city of Tel Aviv is in process of renovating the areas around the hotels providing a direct access to the beach. The renovations of the Gordon pool in the promenade are already done and offer now a great view of it along with the rest of the Tel Aviv marina.

Tel Aviv Culture

There are many exciting and interesting places in Tel Aviv. Depending on your mood and style, you will always have plenty to do and see.

The history of Israel has been short and eventful, whilst the history of the Jewish people, long and complex. With the creation of the State of Israel, the history of the Jewish people is connected with that of the State, seamlessly intertwining moments in time which are old and new, tragic and hopeful.

Tel aviv food

Israelis love to eat; but a Tel Aviv food guide isn’t about finding big portions; it’s about finding foods with big taste. One of the delights of sampling food in Tel Aviv restaurants is the quality of the ingredients, and the care that goes into their preparation.

 You don’t have to be rich to take a Tel Aviv food tour, either; whether you’re in tiny restaurant or visiting a Tel Aviv food festival, the quality and variety of the food is more important than the budget. Everyone eats well in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Vacation

Thinking of a great travel adventure in the Middle East? What could be more special than visiting the Holy Land?

Israel’s most resourceful attractions are spread all over the country, with some of the most interesting culturally, in the Tel Aviv district. Travel Tel Aviv -- as much as you can, we say, it’s by far the most exciting and dynamic city in Israel.


10 places you must visit in Tel Aviv

Clear, sandy shores pour white sand across pristine beaches into crystal, blue waters. Just two streets away the heartbeat of civilization beats up and down bustling streets and trendy nightlife. Wrap all of this in a cultural shell of ancient history and tradition seeping with originality and you have the city of Tel Aviv.

Tel aviv restarurants

Tel Aviv is famous for its café culture. residents and visitors alike enjoy informal meals at Tel Aviv restaurants on the beach and at food stalls everywhere in the city. But Tel Aviv restaurants aren’t limited to only one style of food, or dining.

Tel aviv museums

Tel Aviv is a modern city planted in the center of the most historically significant area of the world. Tel Aviv museums include some of the best art galleries in the world, and the museums which devoted to history are numerous and first-rated.

Tel aviv nightlife

Almost any city has some sort of nightlife. Most cities pride themselves on cosmopolitan fun. clubs and bars are usually a big part of it, but an active nightlife scene can’t really be planned.


Tel aviv events

Tel Aviv is the center of commerce, tourism, and culture in Israel. it’s fast becoming one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations for music, theater, dance and art. With its beautiful location on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, it’s the perfect location to have a vibrant life that swings easily from indoors to outdoors, and day to night.

Tel Aviv Attractions

Tel Aviv is one of the best cities in Israel to visit since it offers many different attractions and various outdoor activities to do.

Tourists will never experience boredom when they travel to this wonderful destination. There are beaches, parks, museums, and open-air markets to visit.

Everybody can enjoy trendy shopping, partying at the nightclubs, trekking, or the many other activities to have a satisfying and enjoyable vacation experience in Tel Aviv.

The following are the top attractions of the city which should not be missed.

Tel Aviv Synagogues

Tel Aviv is not the capital of Israel, but it is often referred to as the country’s financial and cultural center. Unlike many of the cities in Israel, it’s not very old; for the most part, everything except the Old City of Jaffa in Tel Aviv dates back only as far as 1909.

Tel Aviv beaches

Tel Aviv is very famous for its beaches. It is one of the most popular places around the globe, and houses beautiful promenade and alluring Mediterranean seashore.

In fact, it is one of the most visited spots in Israel where thousands of tourists go every year to enjoy the beach’s Rio- or Miami style sense of openness and ease. Along with the famous beaches found in Tel Aviv are great looking hotels that can accommodate tourists and an active night life.

Israeli Hotels

Looking to vacation in one of Israel hotels throughout the country?

ATMs in Tel Aviv

When you’re traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, cash is king. It’s inconvenient and dangerous to carry a lot of money around with you, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar place. That’s why it pays to know where all the ATMs are located when you travel, so you can grab money conveniently whenever you need it.