Tel Aviv
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South Israel Hotels

Israel is a small country which offers big opportunities for those who seek an adventure.
When going to south Israel hotels you will be able to make new discoveries in every place.
South Israel hotels are spread all over the Negev, Arava, Dead Sea area and Eilat.In the Negev you may enjoy Agricultural activities with the friendly Kibbutz citizens of south Israel.

Hotels in this area may be found in Ashkelon, a nice city located by the beach or inside the Kibbutz settlements in the area.
More south Israel hotels are located in the Dead Sea area, only an hour and a half ride from Tel Aviv. These hotels offer special spa services in the lowest place on Earth. Yes, these south Israel hotels can really make your time in south Israel unforgettable.

Here is something one of south Israel hotels guests, Michael Pudinsky, said about his experience:"I was visiting in south Israel hotels for many years and I'm very impressed by the Israeli warm people and the variety of activities offered for the kids and grown ups.

The south Israeli hotels concierge has helped us to book very interesting tours. We went sky diving and also cow-milking. We visited the beach and also explored the desert with a 4x4 Jeep. South Israel hotels offer such a unique visit to Israel that I recommend it to everyone.
I would also like to mention the Carlton Tel Aviv hotel where we stayed in our last night which was a great hotel to end this wonderful experience".With these words describing the warm hospitality of south Israel hotels you can guarantee yourself the finest vacation ever.

Booking one of south Israel hotels may be done on line through one of many websites suggesting south Israel hotels with very reasonable prices. When going to the wide open desert you will be able to find guides who can navigate as if they were born in the desert. They will tell you all about the wild life and the unique bird species living there. They will also take you to the historical sites such as Massada and fascinate you with tales and stories.

If you find yourself at one of the Dead Sea hotels in the south you will have to indulgeYourself with at least one out of the hundreds of spa treatments suggested at the Dead Sea Area.

After exploring every inch of the magnificent desert you should take the Arava road and drive to the most Southern place in Israel, the sunny and adventurous city by the name of Eilat.

This city was established in 1951 and since then has been developing into one of the biggest tour sites in Israel and has become one of the most prestigious vacation resorts in the world.

The South Israel Hotels in Eilat offer various types of vacations, starting from the simplest inns to deluxe hotels with special services you can only imagine. Eilat is very well known for its golden beaches and clear sea water. Don't forget to bring your underwater mask and snorkel because while enjoying a swim you will probably come across different species of fish and underwater creatures.Eilat's Dolphin Reef is known worldwide for its unique way of breeding Dolphins. In the reef you can swim or dive with the Dolphins, watch them being fed and learn about these wonderful animals. If you continue to explore the rich beaches of Eilat you will find the coral reef at the southern part of Eilat.

Diving in that area is extremely recommended since the magnificent sea world will be revealed to your eyes.Hope this short review of the South Israel hotels will help you when planning your next visit to Israel.

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