Tel Aviv
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Lodging tel aviv

Carlton hotel offers you the best lodging in Tel Aviv. When checking out on the internet you will find out that we have the best deals and the best supply. We’re a boutique hotel, right by the sea in the Tel Aviv center. With our special deals – what could be better than this when coming to Israel on what ever ever porpuse trip?

Lodging in Tel Aviv

When you arrive to Tel Aviv you have a few options. You can stay at a bed and breakfast motel, paying cheap and receive a small amount of attractions, a nice modest hotel with some options – or choosing a nice hotel like ours, with all best attractions and indulgences included in a nice deal (we have many discounts!). If you want a nice room, with internet connection, TV, phone line and super luxury treatment for the nicest price, check in with us.

Some of Carlton hotel’s finest deals

We offer you relativness to the beach, a view to the sea, jaffa, the marine and all of Tel aviv, breakfast to the breeze or by the sea in our dinner, and many more, for a fairly nice fee to a boutique 5 stars Tel Aviv hotel! Lodging in Tel Aviv in our hotel grants you with an automatic 5 pecent off when checking in through our internet. But if you’re looking for more details, check into the sales around the websites and you’ll see you get a lot (many packages with deal prices) for little.