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Jerusalem travel guide

Jerusalem is Israel’s most popular tourist destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors from both Israel and around the world every year.
A city with a rich history full of strife and longings and love, religious fervor, culture, tastes, colors, and sights, it is a fascinating place to visit for both first time visitors and rookies alike.

The modern bustling and thriving city invites visitors to discover the rich fabric of people and places, combining ancient and modern, religious and secular, that makes up Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Attractions:

As Israel’s leading tourist destination, Jerusalem is home to a plethora of attractions for every age and budget.
The city’s impressive array of museums includes:

  • the recently renovated renewed Israel Museum
  • the nearby Bible Lands Museum
  • Bloomfield Science Museum.
  • The Tower of David Museum and the famous Night Spectacular Show is another must-see.
  • The Museum of Islamic Art,
  • The Museum of Italian Jewish History
  • Museum on the Seam, and many more.

Top-rated family destinations in Jerusalem include the Time Elevator, the Biblical Zoo, the nearby Ein Yael hands-on museum, as well as the Israel Museum’s Youth Wing. As for the grown-ups, recommended activities include Segway tours in all areas of the city, and historical, cultural, and culinary tours of places such as Machane Yehuda, the Old City, and other areas. By night, take advantage of the many bars and clubs strewn around the city, as well as an ongoing lineup of great concerts and shows.

Annual Events in Jerusalem

Jerusalem has developed a thriving modern city with a variety of exciting annual events and festivals.

Popular summer festivals include:

  • the international Chutzot Hayotzer festival, possibly Israel’s largest tourist attraction
  • the Jerusalem Film Festival, arguably Israel’s most important film event,
  • the Wine Tasting Festival at the Israel Museum, and the Beer Festival.

Autumn in the city brings with it:

  • Beit Avi Chai’s Piyyut Festival, bringing life to the unique musical tradition of Piyyutim
  • the Old City Knights Festival, full of magic, legends, and musical creatures.
  • Hamshushalayim, a culture festival offering loads of events at little or no cost, takes place over four weekends November and December, heating things up as the cold winter winds blow through Jerusalem.

Top-draw spring events include:

  • the now annual full Jerusalem marathon
  • the Jerusalem Arts Festival
  • the Old City Lights Festival.

National, Historical and Holy Sites in Jerusalem:

Jerusalem is sacred to three major world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. To this day Jews pray in the direction of the Western Wall, the only standing wall left standing from the Second Temple. Other not to be missed points of religious interest include the Dome of the Rock, the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, believed to be Jesus’ place of crucifixion.

Jerusalem serves as the capital of the modern state of Israel, and is home to many national and historical sites, including the Knesset, the Israeli government’s official legislative branch, the Supreme Court, and Mount Herzl. Other historic points of national and historic interest include the Old City, the City of David, Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Yemin Moshe, Ammunition Hill, and many more.

Hotels in Jerusalem:

As Israel’s leading tourist destination, it’s only natural that Jerusalem is home to dozens of hotels offering thousands of rooms for visitors, ranging from luxurious five star hotels to quaint B&Bs and trendy hostels.
There are rooms available in all popular areas of the city for every budget. When choosing a hotel you’ll likely consider location, price, and nearby food and attractions.

The majority of the city’s hotels are concentrated in four general areas: The Old City, the City Center, the City, and hotels located on route one between the City Center and the city’s north side.
East Jerusalem is home to the world class, historic American Colony Hotel as well as several other more modest options. Pricing is dependent on hotel star rating and location.

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This article was prepared by GoJerusalem.com, Jerusalem’s leading tourism site, where you can find comprehensive information about hotels, events, and attractions in Jerusalem.