Tel Aviv
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Israeli Hotels

Looking to vacation in one of Israel hotels throughout the country?

tel aviv at night

Israel became one of the exciting countries to visit. The culture along with the history makes your vacation in Israel become unforgettable.

Israeli hotels, which are scattered from Eilat in the south to the Galil area in the north, are providing the ultimate vacation starting from the moment you are checking in till you are checked out. Most of the Israel hotels are providing breakfast included in their rate and you can also order lunch or supper as well. It is common to find room only rates in Israel hotels by mainly in hotels located in Tel Aviv. 



why you should visit israeli hotels


You are invited to find a great package deal for some of the finest hotels in Israel here.

If you are planning your next trip to Israel, there is a big selection of Israel hotels that will be happy to host you and to give you the best service.


In one click you can reach a package deal offer which is a result of partnerships between the Carlton Tel Aviv and some other leading hotels like the David Citadel in Jerusalem, The Royal Beach hotel in Eilat and more.

organized trips in israel


Most of the Israel hotels are providing organized trips to the main attractions in Israel as well as the 

holy sites such as Bait Lehem and Nazareth, the place of birth of Jesus, Jerusalem, the holiest city in Israel for the three religions: the Judaism, Islam and the Christians, or you can travel to the Dead Sea and be witness to a world of wonder. 

Making this fine trip can not be done without having a great hospitality options.


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