Tel Aviv
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Top hotel in Tel Aviv

If you’re dreaming on the most indulging and cuddly vacation in the holy land, you came to the right place. You work hard, all you want is to take your family to a nice place in Israel, and you want it to be the best your money can possibly buy.


Carlton hotel is one of the top hotels in Tel Aviv. Carlton hotel offers its guests the kindest treatment and service, with 5 stars international standard. 270 deluxe rooms all with beach view provide you the best of feelings.

The possibilities in Carlton Tel Aviv hotel are endless. It starts with a special offer for lover’s room in 5% off or up to a 100$ discount and eventually all the best spa, dining rooms and view (our chef receives only the best regards) and the hotel’s fine room service. It has all kinds many other advantaged such as sea shores relativity – only a few minutes walk to one of Israel’s top beaches.

Carlton on the beach

After considering Carlton for your vacation hotel, we want to remind you the reason you choose Israel as the destination:

  • the beach. The reasons why Carlton hotel is considered one of the top hotels in Tel Aviv is because it’s beach closeness and by-the-sea dining option.
  • Our restaurant called Carlton on the beach offers you the most beautiful breakfast view, with our great food and beverage, for an all day long fun in the hotel - when sun, sand and good for unite.


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